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Online 50 hours Meridian Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Learn the art of self-healing to emerge as a more enlightened healer and teacher. Empower your personal health, wealth, and relationships,

and guide your students to the same holistic enrichment.

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Delving into the ancient wisdom behind each yoga pose offers a transformative experience. In moments of practice, there's often a quest for deeper clarity, whether to enhance personal journeys or to guide students more effectively.

This course blends Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Yin Yoga, introducing a functional approach to teaching and practice. It moves beyond typical poses, emphasizing the internal shifts over cookie-cutter shapes.

This unique combination facilitates a profound connection to an inner wellspring of healing and understanding. Beyond teaching, it's a transformative journey of healing, embodying authenticity.

Those who embark on this course not only enrich their practice but also extend holistic healing that deeply resonates. Here, one finds the balance of being both a student and a healer, guiding and receiving guidance. This course is a transformative exploration of ancient wisdom and contemporary practice.

Scrolling for additional details on the training curriculum and schedule.

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Delving into the Ancient Wisdom of TCM

  • Understanding the Principles of TCM

  • Fundamental Concepts of Yin and Yang

  • The Modern Relevance of TCM

  • Theory of the Five Elements

  • Practical Applications in Health and Healing

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Meridians

  • Meridian Anatomy

  • Meridian and Fascia

  • Practical Strategies for Applying Meridian Theory

  • Designing Yin Yoga Sequences with Meridian Balancing

Yin Yoga for Everyone

  • Theoretical Foundations and Practical Insights

  • Breaking Down Classic Yin Yoga Poses

  • Safty in Teaching for Yin Yoga

  • Connection Between Fascia and Emotions

  • Functional vs. Aesthetic Practices

  • Planning Class Themes and Sequences

  • Props and Adjustments for Individual Needs

  • Essential Meridian Maneuver with Yin Classes

  • Combining Meridian in Yin Classes

Anatomy of Hip1

  • A Comprehensive Introduction to Hip1 Anatomy

  • Exploring Skeletal Variations within Hip1

  • Understanding the Physiology and Kinesiology of Hip1

  • Identifying and Addressing Common Functional Disorders

  • Engaging in Functional Anatomy Lab for Hands-on Experience

  • Analyzing Yin Yoga Poses with a Focus on Hip1

  • Integration and Practical Application of Anatomical Knowledge

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