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Find the path to your holistic well-being.

Learn how to combine yoga practices with Traditional Chinese Medicine to connect with ancient traditions and grow as a person and professional… At an unprecedented price.

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Did you know that the difficulties of daily life and the stress we are subjected to every day can affect a person's well-being?

As time passes, everything seems more complicated, and you feel tired halfway through the day, with the certainty that, at the end of it, another one awaits you, even more stressful.

Yoga can help us release stress, but sometimes it isn't enough...

…You need something more, a combined approach that helps you reduce stress or gives you the skills you need to give your clients the holistic healing they deserve.

Meridian Yin Yoga Teacher Training: The realm of well-being.

Hi, I'm Mai Li, an experienced E-RYT 500 yoga teacher and Doctor of Acupuncturist with a deep knowledge of TCM and holistic wellness. With this thought in mind, I designed my teacher training course.

I wanted to offer holistic wellness enthusiasts the opportunity to embark on a journey that combines the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the practice of Yin Yoga.

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My substantial clinical expertise involves integrating Meridian and fascia network teachings with three-dimensional anatomical insights, redefining the study of Meridian as a holistic and tangible understanding. This highlights Yin Yoga as a highly accessible and effective tool for regulating holistic health through the intricate meridian system.

Integration of TCM and Yin Yoga

Expert Instruction

Comprehensive Curriculum

Flexible Online Format

Hands-On Learning

Small Class Sizes

Yoga Alliance Accredited

Community and Network Building

Enter a world where the first thought goes to you and your well-being.

Expand your teaching capabilities.

Take an essential step towards your personal growth.

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Understand the benefits of holistic health in depth.


Improve your well-being and connect with one of the most ancient traditions


Deepen your practice and learn to apply it in everyday life and/or your teachings.



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I've joined Mai's Meridian Yin and Acu-Yin yoga training. Her teaching has totally changed my perspective towards yin yoga. She was the one who introduced me to the world of CM.

Mai is always open to answering my questions, but she's never the kind that feeds you with an answer straight away. Very often, she guides me to think of the root cause of my problems. Without knowing what and how the causes are, I'd never understand why the problem still exists.

Through her guidance, l've understood everyone is the best healer to oneself. No one in the world can understand you better than yourself.


Acupuncture Student

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You can have my Meridian Yin Yoga Teacher Training course for a limited time at an exclusive price!

Get it now for $990 instead of $1,600!

This is an opportunity that I cannot offer you for much longer, so hurry up and seize it before it's gone.

    Delving into the Ancient Wisdom of TCM Understanding the Principles of TCM Fundamental Concepts of Yin and Yang The Modern Relevance of TCM Theory of the Five Elements Practical Applications in Health and Healing A Comprehensive Guide to Meridians Meridian Anatomy Meridian and Fascia Practical Strategies for Applying Meridian Theory Designing Yin Yoga Sequences with Meridian Balancing ​ Yin Yoga for Everyone Theoretical Foundations and Practical Insights Breaking Down Classic Yin Yoga Poses Safty in Teaching for Yin Yoga Connection Between Fascia and Emotions Functional vs. Aesthetic Practices Planning Class Themes and Sequences Props and Adjustments for Individual Needs Essential Meridian Maneuver with Yin Classes Combining Meridian in Yin Classes Anatomy of Hip1 A Comprehensive Introduction to Hip1 Anatomy Exploring Skeletal Variations within Hip1 Understanding the Physiology and Kinesiology of Hip1 Identifying and Addressing Common Functional Disorders Engaging in Functional Anatomy Lab for Hands-on Experience Analyzing Yin Yoga Poses with a Focus on Hip1 Integration and Practical Application of Anatomical Knowledge
    Holistic Integration of TCM & Yoga: Dive into the harmonious blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga. This holistic approach ensures a deeper understanding and application of age-old wisdom to modern practice. ​ In-Depth Meridian Anatomy: Go beyond basic yoga anatomy and explore the intricate meridian system, giving you and your students a more comprehensive healing experience. ​ Personal Healing & Growth: Before you can guide others, you'll experience a transformative journey yourself, healing and growing from within, preparing you to be a beacon of light for your students. ​ Intimate Learning Experience: Through exclusive 1:1 consultations, get a tailored learning experience that caters to your unique teaching style and personal growth trajectory. ​ Practical Application: It's not just theory. Learn hands-on techniques and applications of merging TCM and Yin Yoga practices, especially focusing on the functional anatomy of the hip. ​ Elevated Teaching Skills: Boost your confidence and teaching acumen. Equip yourself with advanced tools and methodologies to stand out in the crowded space of yoga teaching. ​ Community & Support: Be a part of a supportive community of like-minded yogis, all on a quest for deeper knowledge and personal growth. ​ Flexible Schedule: We respect your time, especially during the festive season. Enjoy a 2-week break during Christmas and New Year to rejuvenate and reflect. ​ Post-Course Support: The journey doesn't end after five weeks. Get continued support and resources to aid your teaching journey long after the course concludes.
    Live Zoom Sessions: Weeks 1-5 (February 12th to March 15th, 2024) Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Time: 10:00 - 13:00 Pacific Time ​ Session Recordings: Recordings will be uploaded promptly after each live session. Ideal for students who can't attend live. Available for rewatch until 18th March, 2025. ​ Self-Paced Yin Practice: A 90-minute recorded session provided every study week. Complete at your own convenience within the week. ​ Group Practice: 1-hour collaborative sessions with your small group. Dates and times to be determined by each group. ​ Post-Programme Support: A one-on-one consultation with the instructor for personalized guidance. ​ Final Assignment Deadline: Due 17th March, 2024 by 23:59 Pacific Time.
    There are no specific pre-requisites for joining our Meridian Yin Yoga Teacher Training. This program is designed to enrich yoga teachers' skill sets with Yin Yoga techniques. However, our Meridian Yin Yoga Teacher Training is also immensely beneficial for those looking to deepen their personal yoga practice. We welcome anyone with a keen interest in learning, whether for professional development or personal growth.
    Mai Li: A Journey from Healing Self to Guiding Others ​ Meet Mai Li, an E-RYT500 Yoga Trainer and respected Doctor of Acupuncture. More than her impressive credentials, Mai is a kindred spirit on a journey of dis covery and healing. Her path has been shaped by her own experiences as a long-term chronic autoimmune patient, a journey that deeply informs her compassionate approach and her profound connection with the ancient wisdom of yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. ​ Fresh from an enriching dissection course at Stanford University, Mai integrates these new insights with her deep reverence for TCM and Yin Yoga. This unique blend of modern understanding and ancient wisdom transforms her teachi ngs, offering a holistic perspective that resonates with both the mind and the heart. ​ Mai's approach to teaching goes beyond imparting knowledge. It's about creating a space where experiences are shared, stories unfold, and genuine connections are formed. Her classes are less about instruction and more about companionship on a shared path of discovery and growth. She is there to share, listen, and walk with you as you explore the wonders of your own body and the healing potential within. ​ Under Mai's guidance, the Meridian Yin TTC is not just a learning experience; it’s a personal journey of self-discovery and healing. It becomes an intimate exploration of your own body's marvels, a place where personal challenges and triumphs are acknowledged and celebrated. Join Mai Li in this transformative journey and experience a course that's as much about healing others as it is about understanding and nurturing yourself.
  • Is Our Meridian Yin Yoga Training Right for You?
    Delve into a nurturing journey designed by Mai, who has respectfully blended the profound teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the soulful essence of Yoga. This course is exclusively tailored for certified yoga teachers. While we deeply value all enthusiasts of Yin Yoga and TCM, this specific training program necessitates prior foundational yoga teaching expertise. Drawing from Mai's experiences and insights in both TCM and Yoga, participants will be gently guided to understand and appreciate the harmonious union of these traditions. A genuine passion for Yoga and a commitment to personal and communal well-being are foundational. Engage with this course not just as a learning platform, but as a shared journey of discovery, growth, and authentic connection. If you're a certified yoga teacher on a quest for meaningful engagements and wish to further your journey as a holistic healer, this course awaits you.

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